28 - 30 Aug India

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About Restcon

ResetHacker is presenting first edition of RESTCON. The 3 Day virtual Event by professionals it brings you CTF competition, Conferences to discussions and yes RESETHACKER community of action is assembling together the brightest mind from different countries to maximize your Learning. We are coming live on Aug 28th, Aug 29 and Aug 30 2020 virtually on YouTube & Discord.

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Round Table Discord Discussion

Meet the Speakers

Phillip Wylie
Senior Red Team Lead for a global consumer products company
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Alyssa Miller
Hacker, Security advocate, Cyber security professional and public speaker.
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Nitin Pandey
Penetration Tester, Researcher, Trainer,Cyber Security Practitioner.
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Chenny Ren
Senior consultant of Deloitte's enterprise risk consulting department red team penetrer,OSCP, OSWP,..
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Sankarraj Subramanian
Renowned international speaker, cybersecurity consultant & certified ethical hacker (CEH) with 15 years of experience in the cybersecurity field.
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Priyanshu Ratnakar
Priyanshu Ratnakar is an Indian entrepreneur Founder, Director of Protocol X. He is also a cybersecurity practitioner and a bug bounty hunter.
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Atul Singh
Pentester, Public Speaker, Part time Bug Hunter, CTF Player, Trainer, Blogger and Cyber Security Enthusiast.
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Umair Nehri
Umair Nehri is an Undergaduate student. He has worked in areas such as web application security and malware analysis.
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Tajwar Khan
CEO & Founder, Ethical Learner | Security Researcher | Technical Speaker | (C|EH, OSCP)
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Akash Sharma
Akash Sharma is cyber security researcher, trainer, speaker & bug hunter with 5+ years of professional experience in the infosec domain. He hold major accreditations like CEH, ECSA, CHFI & OSCP alongwith CCNA, CCIE & RHCSA.
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Aravindha Hariharan M
I am a Cyber Security enthusiast with 2 years of experience who love to research on the topics related to Penetration Testing, Capture The Flag, 0 days exploits, and Ways to create and deploy python tools. I also have persistence experience in Tool and Project development using python, C/C++ language, Java. I always try to improvise my knowledge through reading writeups and resources from several Hacker communities and forums. My experience has been into multiple domains and technologies such as Jeopardy-style Capture the Flag and Attack and Defence CTF, Information Gathering, Active and Passive Recon, Enumeration, and Cryptography, Web Exploits, Forensic, Python Reverse Engineering. I am also a Team worker, Deadline Work, Creative thinker, and public speaker who has experience as Student Ambassador at RedHat Academy at SKCET.
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